Announcement !

People, people, we have an important announcement ! We created a new page called ‘Science bulb’ Here we will posts interesting things. Here is the place where you can post math or physics exercises which you can’t solve or just some nice logic problems to make sure that our brain is still on 🙂
Visit the page, give suggestion or ask for advice.

P.S. Do you know the guy in the photo ? His name is Hugh Laurie and he is very famous for his role in serial Dr House. He is the main character. He plays the role of a crazy doctor which is very smart and can solve any case of disease.
Stay on and use your brain 🙂


Announcement !

2 thoughts on “Announcement !

  1. Hello, I really loved your site. Unfortunatly i found it on the second page of google. its really a shame that big G is not ranking your site among the best of the best. Anyway you may want to try this course to really rock it have a Nice day . Greeting from the UK

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