Editing secrets – new page !

Looking for help ? Here it is ! Visit my new page “Editing secrets” ! What’s hot and what’s not – as a magazine say – find out how to make your photos look better, what people wants to see or how to find good editors … waiting for your comments 🙂


Riic2000 and RiicPhotogarphy

For original photo visit http://riicphotography.wordpress.com/ – my own blog for photography

For editing tips and secrets visit https://riic2000.wordpress.com/editing-secrets/ – new page !

Photo made and edited by me with an Samsung Galaxy S 3 mini 


Sometimes black, usually white



I’ve changed a lot of things at the blog since you saw it the last time. But, after hard working, it’s ready. I think it’s the time to take a look. Do you like the new design ? Waiting for your feedback 🙂 …
See you soon !
P.S. Look at the photo with the minions ! I love it . They looks like you – the 59 followers. Did you see the movie with the minions ? I didn’t, but I’m going too 😉

Big changes

Really need a helping hand

help          We are meting again, maybe the last time,

Some time ago, someone asked me why I don’t have a donate button. I answered : “Come on, it’s just a blog where I write once a year. A donate button is too more. And anyone will want to make a donation“.

But now I realized that I spend a lot of time on the blog and I invested some money but without results.

Those are the reason for I put a donate button in the bottom of the page. If it doesn’t work, I will delete the blog 😦 Sorry for the bad news, but I don’t have other variants.

So, if you make a small donation I will appreciate a lot !

I rely on your help !