Do you like to paint ? Do you want to learn new techniques for drawing ? Or do you just like to admire the paintings ? Maybe you are interested of famous painters. Whatever you want , this is the perfect place where you can do this ! So enjoy our blog 🙂 !

NEW ! Facts that you don’t know about Gustav Klimt

The Kiss


Tree of Life

Gustav Klimt was born on July 14, 1862, in Baumgarten, Austria, the second seven children,  the son of a poor jewelry engraver,  It is only at the age of fourteen, after he enters the University of Plastic Arts in Vienna, that he begins developing his talent as an artist; he studied at the University until graduating at the age of twenty, at which time he had been commissioned to create several decorative works, making use of his training in modernist craftsmanship

In addition to women, Klimt often traveled to the outskirts of Vienna,  and the Italian countryside, finding inspiration in nature, particularly autumnal landscapes, which already showed the rich golden hues of his own decorative designs.  From the opulence of the Viennese Bourgeoisie to the mythological, from eroticism to the simple beauty of nature, Klimt’s artwork always maintained its highly stylized feel, but what remains one of its most fascinating traits is that while concentrating on the superficial, its depth cannot be ignored. 

In 1917, he was made an honorary member the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts.   On January 11th of the following year, at the age of 55, Gustav Klimt suffered a stroke while working in his apartment.  Weakened from the stroke, and suffering from pneumonia, he died less than a month later, on February 6th, 1918.

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Make easy a 3D hand with a optical illusion. The final picture was amazing and is easy to do it !

How to paint a real eye ?
To get the answer, watch this video. You will dont`t lose your time. If you want to do this, TRY !


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