Trophy Case

I would like to thank  Joanna Pasek which is a contributor at the blog. She is doing a great work. She makes fantastic drawings and paintings. The most articles about paintings, colors ,drawing techniques, etc are made by her. She also sells some drawing, so , if you are interested … contact her. You can visit her blog here :

Another contributor is Darrell Tuffs. If you have any questions about movies, you should ask him because he is the right person. Even you didn’t see a lot of articles made by him (becuase he became a contributor recently), he helps me and gives me advice. His blog is

The third person which help me at the blog is geekwired297. Maybe you will check his blog and you will say that isn’t super mega ultra fantastic, but he created his blog very little time ago. He isn’t an expert, but if you visit his blog and give some suggestions and help him to improve the blog, I’m sure that he will become :

I will say once again thank you for them. The reason I wrote about them here, at “Trophy case” :I think I will never obtained it without Joanna or Darrell or geekwired297.

If you are interested to join our equip, please contact me (for more information about e-mail, etc visit the page About).


LIKES                                                                  LIKES                                                                 FOLLOWS

December 25, 2013                                   September 23, 2013                                          September 16, 2013


 LIKES                                                               FOLLOWS                                                            FOLLOWS

September 10, 2013                                        September 7, 2013                                 September 7, 2013

LIKES                                                                    LIKES                                                            LIKES
September 3, 2013                                          September 2, 201                                  3August 31, 2013

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